Uwell Cravat Pod System Kit: Ultimate User Guide

Uwell Cravat Pod System Kit: Ultimate User Guide

The Cravat uwell pod system's small size is its most attractive feature. Most vapers choose a lightweight vape device, which is what this one's slender and stylish design makes possible. Using the technology, you can vape mouth to lung. The Cravat Pod kit deserves profound consideration if you're looking for a uwell pod system you can carry without anyone noticing. This model of Uwell e-cigarette, unlike some others, lacks buttons, making it simple to use. All that is required is an inhalation to turn on the system.

User Guide

If you just purchased the Cravat pod system, it is advisable to check the necessary information that makes operating it easy. The crucial details of this pod have to do with its LED indicator. When the indicator displays, it may reveal diverse vaping data depending on the color or the number of times the indicator blinks. If the LED indicates green, it shows the battery charge is above 60%, and blue shows the charge between 30% and 60%.

If the battery capacity goes below 30%, the LED displays red. In addition, the LED indicator will light up three times if there is a short circuit issue and five times in case a draw takes more than 8 seconds. The indicator lights slowly when the device charges through a type-C USB cable.

Understanding Cravat pod system features

The Cravat pod kit utilizes an inbuilt 300 Amperes battery. That implies that the kit is entirely rechargeable. The user needs to connect the device to a power source using a type-C USB connector to recharge the battery. Such USB charging allows fast charging of the device. It also has three LED indicators showing how much charge remains in the battery. The LED indicators also alert the user when it's time to replace the device's coil.

Like most contemporary vape kits, the Cravat kit employs mesh coil to produce exceptional performance. E-liquid coming into touch with the mesh coil is how the vape gadget works. More flavor delivery occurs as e-liquid-coil connections increase. A 1.2 Ohm mesh coil is present. The equipment delivers a powerful neck strike. The vape kit's battery allows a power outage of 9 watts. That is sufficient power to heat the device, thus delivering enough flavor as an individual vape. The process of activating the battery to produce energy for heating is through inhaling. Once the user inhales, the system starts automatically.

What to do before using the Cravat pod system kit

Before a vaper begins using the device, they must detach the pod and unfasten the filler plug. That will allow easy filling of the e-liquid of the vaper's choice. Once the e-liquid compartment is complete, close the filler plug and leave the pod for 10 minutes before you start vaping. After the 10 minutes, attach the pod pack to the vape device and inhale. Ensure that the insulating film at the pod's bottom is off before you start the filling process. Allowing the pod to sit for about 10 minutes before attaching it back to the device ensures zero coil burning.


One can never go wrong with the Cravat pod kit. If you are a vaper who takes color consideration with a lot of weight, this is the pod kit for you since you can select any color depending on your taste. The kit's unique features translate to a quality performance that one would not expect from such a small vape device.