The Importance of Instagram for Marketing Your Business

Best Practices for Using Instagram for Your Personal and Business Brand

Do you intend to get your business or brand maximum exposure, establish a strong follower, customer base, and traffic that is completely relevant to the business and get paid maximum?

If yes, then Instagram can act as a boon. It’s an open secret that your brand requires an active presence on Instagram for best promo marketing online At present, more than 400 million users (which is more than twitter) use this social media site and it serves as the best medium to reach the prospective customers from worldwide.

The Importance of Instagram for Marketing Your Business

Many reputed businesses are interacting with the Instagram communities to get a number of invested customers who can create a loyal customer base. The point is you have to be concerned about the audience preferences but, not only the numbers, it’s all due to the users on the platform.

A recent study conducted in 2015 by Iconsquare depicts that more than 60% of the users claim of having already searched for the brand on Instagram. Rather you will be surprised to know that 50% of them follow a company or brand for sheer like of it.

Posting correct images on this platform enables the consumers to get the message without your adding any sales related pitching to sell them. Shoppers or users naturally look up to Instagram to find social media channels linked to the brand. So, what we understand from here is Instagram helps to convert general visitors to ‘willing to buy’ customers.

Don t worry even if you are the newbie to this platform as all the points you need to know for promoting your business or brand on Instagram just follows in the next section of the article. And if are not new still you can grab more advantageous information about using this social media site:

Create your Perfect Business account

To start with if you want to promote your business here, you must have a different business account other than the personal one. Always bear in mind that the audience is of main concern, not you so you shouldn’t post any personal picture in the account as they are not related to the business context will not create any sales. Make sure to get more followers for your account. You can use our APK hack to get Instagram followers for that.

Try to use a link to increase the web traffic

As for Instagram it only allows only ones to lead the traffic directly to the website. And the other option you can employ is the bio section where you can insert a clickable link after your name and few words about the website at the top of the page and try include the landing page in this place.

Remain Consistent and always have name and picture

All the efforts you take in Instagramming will be in vain if you are unable to describe your business by adding all the bits, you have to be recognizable. Always select a name that is connected or related to the brand name for using it for every social media platform. Try to be really consistent as by keeping a proper profile picture. As on Instagram each activity or conversation of yours is shown with a thumbnail of your profile image.

Last but not the least, avoid hard selling on this platform and create interesting posts regularly that will be preferred the by the users motivating them to follow your brand.

Author: William Smith

I'm William Smith. I was born at January 11, 1976 in New York, USA. I'm now living in Holland and work as a Social Media Agent!