Why Should Every Company Be on Instagram?

Is it Handy for a Company to be on Instagram?

In the Modern world social media is a powerful tool that is used by almost every human being on the planet. The way it is used is based on an individual. Some use it for Leisure and entertainment whereas some people use it as a gateway to Market their business, Services and Products. One of the most powerful apps in the world of social Media is Instagram.

Instagram has used visual media such a pictures and short video clips to capture an audience which no other form of social network is able to. The uses of it are far more powerful than just social interaction. If used correctly it is a strong business and Marketing tool. Instagram has more than 500 million active monthly users.

Why Should Every Company Be on Instagram

Instagram for business

Instagram for business was a new initiative that was launched a few months ago specifically to help companies grow through their network. With this a new era of Instagram was introduced. This allows users to create a business account account where a lot of extra features were included keeping businesses in mind.

A study conducted revealed that 60% users discover new products on Instagram, 50% users follow a business and 75% users take action after being inspired by a post.

With a business account a company or a business can use the built in analytics that give insight into a lot of vital statistics of how users are interacting to the posts created. Contact and location information can be added to the account which can be viewed by followers. Jamba Summer offers an APK hack for Instagram followers, have a look at it if you need more of them.

Using Instagram to attractively share Products and services being offered by a company reaches a significantly high number of users as People tend to be more attracted towards Interactive visual media compared to other forms of marketing. Photo, Video and Carousel ads are some of the features introduced specifically for Companies and Businesses.

Hence it is key that Instagram can be a powerful tool in the current market for companies to grow and expand.

Author: William Smith

I'm William Smith. I was born at January 11, 1976 in New York, USA. I'm now living in Holland and work as a Social Media Agent!